Program FAQ

How does the WISE Within program work?
Once you have enrolled, use the WISE Within Directory to search for a mentoring partner and establish a mentoring relationship. You will be provided with materials to guide you through the process. During the course of your mentoring journey, you will receive email reminders to help you stay on track. After you have completed your journey, you may start another relationship.

How does the matching work?

  1. Update your member profile and then enroll as a mentor, mentee or both. During the enrollment process, you will select your mentoring preferences and establish your mentoring objective.
  2. After your active enrollment has been processed, visit the WISE Within Directory to find a match. Select your search criteria to locate possible matches. Click on the name of the potential match to view their mentoring profile.
  3. Click on the Request button to open the mail window where you can add an optional personalized message. Your message is saved in the "sent messages" section of your profile inbox.
  4. The member will be able to accept or decline the request. If the request is accepted, schedule your kickoff call to begin the mentoring relationship.

Why do I need to update my member profile?
A current profile will allow potential mentoring partners to determine whether you may be a good match. Be sure to complete the About section; it displays in both your member and mentoring profiles. Since your privacy is a priority for WISE, many of your profile fields are visible only to you by default. Be sure to change them to the correct visibility settings for WISE Within. Otherwise, potential mentoring partners will not be able to view your full profile. Learn more >>

Why do I need a Mentoring Objective?
Goal setting is critical to a successful mentoring relationship. The more specific the Mentoring Objective section is, the better your odds are of finding the best possible mentoring match. Consider the following:


  • New professional areas you are looking to explore or new skills you hope to develop
  • Career challenges you are currently experiencing
  • Your hopes/expectations for the mentoring relationship and what you think makes a mentoring relationship successful
  • What you hope your mentor will gain from this experience
  • Your expectations of a mentor
  • Any other factors/preferences your mentor should take into consideration


  • Skills/strengths you possess that will help in mentoring someone in the business of sports
  • Professional challenges you have faced in your career
  • Your hopes/expectations for the mentoring relationship and what you think makes a mentoring relationship successful
  • What you hope your mentee will gain from this experience
  • What qualities you think are essential in a good mentee
  • Any other factors/preferences your mentee should take into consideration

What are examples of a mentee goal for a mentoring relationship?
How to position yourself for a promotion, how to approach a performance review, how to transition into a new role, how to manage a specific workplace relationship, etc., are examples of goals. Expecting your mentoring partner to find a job for you is NOT an acceptable goal. Read more >

Does my match have to be local within my chapter?
No. You have the opportunity to decide if you would like your mentoring partner to be from within your chapter or from the broader WISE Community. Be sure to indicate your preference when you enroll.

My chapter is offering a "WISE Within" program. Is this the same?
No, the two mentoring programs are different. Some chapters offer a separate in-person program only for members affiliated with that chapter. Typically, the chapter program requires a six-month commitment and in-person attendance at group sessions. Participation in one does not preclude participation in the other.

Now that I’ve enrolled, how long will it take to make a match?
Because you are in the driver’s seat for this relationship, the length of time it will take for you to find a match is up to you. Completing your member profile and mentoring objective as thoroughly as possible will help potential mentoring partners determine if a match is a good fit. Typically, the mentee searches for a mentor, but it’s possible that a mentor may seek out a mentee. We ask participants to respond to requests within five business days and will send reminders if there are open requests.

How will I know if I’ve been requested to be someone’s mentoring partner?
You will receive an automated email request. You will be prompted to go to your My Mentoring Relationships page to accept or decline the request. You must click on Accept to begin the mentoring relationship.

A potential mentoring partner accepted my request. What happens now?
Congratulations, you’re now in a mentoring relationship! You will be provided with guidelines upon acceptance. Essentially, you will schedule a kickoff call with your mentoring partner and begin your mentoring journey.

How do I meet with my mentoring partner?
You will meet based on the preferred method(s) indicated in your mentoring profiles and as mutually agreed upon during your kickoff call.

How often should I speak with my mentoring partner?
The recommendation is at least once a month over the three-month period, with check-ins in between. However, we recognize you may need a shorter or longer time to accomplish your goals. Extending beyond the three-month mentoring cycle would be up to you and your mentoring partner. This should be discussed prior to beginning your mentoring journey to manage expectations and to avoid any misunderstanding. Decide on the best schedule based on the defined goals and availability.

Can I decline a request?
Yes, but there should be a good reason to do so. We encourage you to review their profile and mentoring objective to determine whether the relationship would be mutually beneficial. If your potential mentoring partner misinterpreted information in your profile, you may find her to be an inappropriate match. To decline a request, go to your My Mentoring Relationships page. Locate the request; click on the arrow next to the Accept button and select Decline.

Can I enroll if I am not ready to participate?
Yes, during the enrollment process you will be asked to enter a date on which you will be available to start. You can update this at any time.

What happens if a lot of time has passed and a match has not been made?
If your mentoring objective is complete and your search has been broad but you are still unable to find a match, please contact the WISE Within National Committee. While we will put forth our best effort to assist, enrollment does not guarantee a match as there are many factors involved that are beyond our control.

How can I access the WISE Within Directory and My Mentoring Relationships pages?
You will be notified by email after your enrollment has been processed, at which time the links to these and other pages will be visible when you're logged in. Your status must be active to access the directory.

I am a student member, and I keep getting an error message when I try to access the enrollment and other pages.
WISE Within is only available to professional-level WISE members. The program is goal-focused and aims to solve specific workplace challenges. Student members are encouraged to attend the annual Speed Mentoring Roundtables event(s) and to ask questions in the member community.